Boynton Beach

Campus Intro

This innovative program provides students with a structured, safe, and positive environment for after school hours. More than just a place to go after school, students enrolled in the program are provided a variety of activities designed to engage imagination, support their academic growth, and enhance motor and social skills.


Daily Schedule 2018-2019


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Events Calendar

Each week’s activities correspond to a specific theme that ranges from a variety of educational and fun ideas such as Earth week, Stars week, Sports week, etc. The program activities ensure that the students spend a certain amount of time outside every day and participate in team sports or other physical activities. Study time and special events are planned for. Activities are subject to change without prior notice.

Today's Events: Mar 18,2019

Spring Break Camp: Myth Busters

Campers will participate in a variety of STEAM-based activities that involve teamwork and thoughtful dialogue in which students exchange ideas and discuss ways to problem-solve. Through these activities, students learn how to divide up responsibilities, compromise, listen to and encourage each other. They will continue their scientific exploration as they create their own science-inspired snack activity.